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Platinum Voice Therapy Program15 x Individual treatment delivered by our speech pathologists via our online service.
This program must follow a Diagnostic Voice Assessment.

or 5 instalment payments of $582

including GST of 10%

15 x 45-minute sessions.

SOLO 1-1 sessions. All sessions are individual with you and one of our speech pathologists. This let's us focus directly on your needs.

We recommend weekly sessions.

Clients will be introduced to voice therapy that is evidence based in order to improve voice quality, acoustic output, prevent vocal fatigue and optimise the health and flexibility of the voice while reinforcing communication impact.

Strategies to assist you to develop a daily practice routine to stabilise, consolidate and maintain accurate production of your target sound(s).

6 months access to the Voice Science Practice Platform- our separate practice product

This is a good option if you are on a Medicare CDM Plan or intend to use Private Health to cover your sessions. Individual invoices will be issued after each session for you to process your rebates if required. 

Our team are experienced voice therapists and certified practicing speech pathologists.

The High - Performance Communication Audit
Audit your Career Communication and Discover the 1 Thing Holding you Back from High-Performance Communication.

The High-Performance Communication Audit provides a science-backed assessment of your professional speaking and career communication so that you know where you stand and have a game plan to excel when you are communicating.

This is a career communication solution by Cadenza.


  • A tailored and comprehensive audit into every aspect of your professional communication so you know precisely what you need to break your communication barriers.
  • Voice Tone Assessment to ensure that you are not sabotaging a good message with a poor sound. 
  • Strategic communication assessment so you can learn how to gain professional impact, sound more interesting and persuasive. 
  • Speaking fluency assessment to ensure that you are not sabotaging a good message with a poor sound. We will determine whether your speech is broken and disjointed or moving to a mumble so that you can learn how well your speaking flows and what you need to incorporate to sound more interesting, confident and clear. 
  • Screening of your language and message power: to see if you need strategies for logical structure problems, topic building, corporate storytelling and message precision. 
  • Assessment of your social communication tool stack: What tools do you need to build rapport, engage, be assertive and persuade others more effectively? 

As well as: 

  Access to the High-Performance Communication Success Digital BluePrint so that you can have a guide to the key features of clear and confident Communication – Valued at $300.

  A 30-minute Communication Strategy Feedback Session with Sarah so you can learn exactly what your communication needs and get your questions answered – Valued at $300

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